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Warehousing technology, transshipment and logistics are facing great challenges and are becoming components of global goods logistics. HYUNDAI has set itself the task of putting warehouse professionals on the right track at the South Internet address: the entire forklift park with demand-oriented, economic forklift trucks and industrial trucks as well as competent support under Süd.

Below you will find a comprehensive range of diesel, gas and electric forklift trucks as well as storage technology. Our international network, with professional advice and in-depth knowledge of all kinds of forklift trucks, ensures that you will always find the optimum solution for the operative transport and storage of goods. We can supply you with new forklifts and warehouse logistics vehicles.

For Hyundai industrial trucks for southern Germany (postal code areas 8 â € “9) we are the most important supplier and will still ask for partner dealers! The Hyundai Forklift South and the Hyundai Forklift South are importers of Hyundai Forklift & Warehouse Equipment. Devices in southern Germany. To ensure a fast delivery, HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT EUROPE has a central warehouse in Europe in Belgium. Below are over 250 new trucks in stock.

In addition, at night we can direct Express to about 150,000 spare parts positions for all stackers and series. “Do not bargain” – who would not like that? Rather, it is primarily the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a forklift known as â € “economic life cycle costing (LCC), ie, the total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the product.

Since the revision is also correct, static electricity in zone 2 is classified as a risk for inflammation Inflammation What will be the impact of renting forklift trucks, storage facilities and telescopic handlers in the hot summer of 2018? Because the climate brings with it, some industries really do work a lot more extra. Additional helpers such as the rented forklift arrive at just the right time.

Examples will be used to show which sectors of the economy – among others – benefited from our rental equipment.