Which books about finance are definitely worth reading?

Which books about finance are definitely worth reading?

The road to wealth is winding and requires many sacrifices and hard, systematic work. However, the largest investors in history and successful people can tell us more than one inspirational story about striving for financial independence from zero. In their opinion, every person can fulfill their dreams of a seven-digit amount on the bank account. Just change your attitude and prepare for numerous challenges. Good books on finance are a dose of motivation and many interesting tips. Which of them will help us achieve success?

Direction: freelance. Success on your own terms 

Generation X grew up during the communist era, but had a chance to take the first steps on the professional market already in free Poland. These are people very attached to the workplace, who often did not use their full-time potential. However, she writes about a form of earning popular among the younger generation. Freelancing allows you to use your passion and interests to strive for financial independence. The author presents us with a concrete path on how to become a satisfied freelancer.

Perfect trader. How he earns in good and bad markets 

A book for all people dreaming of earning through active and dynamic investing. How to use the Forex and stock markets? How to use investing psychology? The position is a bit more difficult and may be initially deterrent. We guarantee, however, that it is a proven compendium of knowledge for all those who want to start earning by investing. 

Rich father, poor father 

Someone made his own life and built wealth from the beginning in the United States being only an immigrant from Hawaii. The author describes two important people in his life: his own father who hardly made ends meet, and the father of his colleague who very slowly but systematically built a business that made him one of the richest people in Hawaii. This is another book that shows the mental differences of successful people and poor people. The book also condemns the current education system, which inculcates erroneous stereotypes. This is a very valuable collection of inspiring insights that will change our attitude to life.

Win the Market 

This position is an interesting proposition for everyone looking for specific ways to make money online. It talks about creating his own blogs and making money by sending e-mail. Some issues should be approached with a certain distance, remembering that Walker built his business in a slightly different period of the Internet. However, the tips contained in the book are very informative and inspirational.

Road to financial freedom 

A German economist who came to the United States at the age of 16. At the age of 26, he experienced a severe financial crisis and was on the brink of poverty. He came under the wings of an experienced coach who again showed him the way to build financial independence. Schäfer met his goal very quickly, because as a 30-year-old he was financially free. Now he is showing us effective ways to save and multiply our funds. He shares many insights that helped him reach the summit. A very inspiring book that shows that you can find a good way out of every situation.

Intelligent Investor 

An undoubtedly one of the greatest investors of all time. He multiplied his fortune during the Great Depression that hit the United States in 1929-1933. The book in its first edition appeared in 1949 and to this day contains a set of indisputable rules and principles that should be followed by a responsible investor. He presented specific stories, which makes reading a book very pleasant. The release of the deceased economist was supplemented by updated information by another brilliant investor, Warren Buffett. Thanks to this, the book fits better in today’s times.