21 years of insurance waiting, fine for false declaration | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Bhuyangdev resident Punit Pithava waited 21 years for a Rs 10 lakh claim after losing his right leg in a traffic accident from an autorickshaw insurer, but the court instead imposed a fined and ordered him to pay Rs to the insurance company. 10,000, for making a frivolous and vexatious claim.
According to the details of the case, Pithava, then 19, was riding a motorbike with a friend sitting as a passenger on the evening of December 26, 1999. The motorbike slipped near the AEC office in Naranpura and he drove off. suffered a serious injury to his right leg. On February 18, 2000, he filed an FIR at the Naranpura police station, accusing a rickshaw driver of reckless and negligent driving, claiming that he struck his motorcycle from behind. Pithava also asked the National Insurance Co Ltd, which had insured the car, for compensation for the damage caused in the accident.
More than two decades later, the court concluded that the claim was false. After reviewing the evidence, the court concluded that Pithava’s father did not file an FIR immediately after the incident, believing the injury was not serious. When the hospital informed them of a possible amputation of their right leg, the FIR and a claim were filed to extract money from the insurance company. The insurer also alleged the collusion of the driver and the owner of the automobile with the plaintiff in this accident claim filed in court.
The court said the evidence suggested the motorcycle slipped when Pithava attempted to overtake the car and he was injured. He also said that the FIR was filed against the driver of the automobile with false and frivolous allegations, and therefore the claim is untenable in the eyes of the law. The court saw fit to dismiss the claim with a fine and on December 16 ordered Pithava to pay Rs 10,000 to National Insurance Co Ltd within one month.


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