#373: Invest Anywhere: 5 Ways Real Estate Makes Money

On the first Friday of every month, we air a special bonus episode.

Historically, these episodes have been the same as our normal weekly shows. They alternate between interviews and Q&A episodes with the community.

But for over a year, I’ve wanted to create something special, something that would make those monthly bonus episodes stand out.

Today (and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, it’s just a comically unfortunate moment) we’re excited to roll out a special new feature that will air every First Friday episode, at from now.

It’s called Invest Anywhere, a special presentation by Afford Anything. It’s co-hosted by me (Paula) and my incredibly accomplished teammate, Suni Rao.

Suni is a real estate investor with 7 units; it purchased most of its units out of state. She’s been investing for four years and has experimented with the full range: she’s bought single-family homes, duplexes, multi-units and even a mobile home park. It is financed by piracy, loans to investors and private loans. It is bought and owned, it is returned (sometimes accidentally) and it is wholesaled.

She’s my co-host of the Invest Anywhere series, a proud new feature we’ll be streaming the first Friday of every month.

This series will focus on how to invest in long distance real estate.

Enjoy the inaugural episode!


How do people make money in real estate?

Many focus on rental income, but that’s only one of five ways properties create wealth.

We explain five surprising ways real estate builds your balance sheet: cash flow, appreciation (market-based and forced), tax benefits, return of capital, and instant equity at closing.

Why is this important for long distance investors?

If you are investing out of state, you will need to choose a city or town. How do you decide? First, think about how you want to skew your returns. Do you want to optimize your cash flow? More upside potential? Identifying this will help align your city/town choice with your financial goals.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate — especially if you’re planning on long-distance investing — you’ll love this episode.


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