Alert on fraudulent online loan applications, warns DGP Sylendra Babu

Tamil Nadu Police DGP, Sylendra Babu has released a video advising the public to be aware of loan applications. Many complaints have been received regarding these fraudulent loan applications.

TN DGP Sylendra Babu advised the public to be aware of new types of scams that steal your personal information through online credit applications. Severe measures are taken to disable these types of applications. He said that even if these apps are disabled, these credit processors will continue to have new names.

There have been numerous complaints that online applications, which receive personal IDs, PAN numbers and email details, illegally download information to the customer’s phone, claiming to offer instant loans at interest rates down. There are many complaints that customers are being extorted using these details.

Customers are advised to avoid fake credit links sent on behalf of banks and not to share personal information, such as unlisted numbers such as OTP, text messages and phone calls.

DGP Sylendra Babu has released a warning video regarding this kind of incident. Speaking on the video, he said: “Loan applications have increased lately. In order to get credit on these online loan applications, people will ask you to apply with your photo. They will ask you for information about some people in your contact.They will extort money from you by turning your photo into pornographic photos and sending it to your loved ones.

You will lose your peace. Although this photo is not true, others will not believe it. More and more, there are cases of people caught in such a dilemma and charging you money. We have received complaints in this regard. The police are taking steps to disable these apps. Even if these processors are deactivated, these credit processors will continue to have new names.

Let me tell you a few processors, so you won’t be fooled. Evault, Masin Rupee, Lorry loan, Wingo Loan and City cash are scam apps. Never download them. Maybe delete these apps if you have them on your phone. Be careful. “

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