Benefit held for Steuben County family who lost business to fire


ANGOLA, Indiana (WANE) – The Angolan community came together to raise money for a business after storm damage destroyed everything they had built.

In a flash, Eric Erman’s livelihood literally caught fire.

“Horror, you know, terror,” Erman said. “I had customer cars in there. And most of these cars have major sentimental significance to them and pretty much everyone in my world was on fire. I spent probably a quarter of my life there working in that old barn, fixing cars.

A physical and financial loss that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the face of rebuilding Erman’s lifelong work, O’Reilly store manager Lawrence Monarch and his wife organized a benefit to help Ermen rebuild his business, and donations poured in.

“It kind of blew up, like I had 100 shares a day for a flyer,” Monarch said. “We went from there, as donations from local businesses like the Local Farmers State Bank, we had custom designs of kale, which is powder coated, we had some striking custom stems, just every little business. , you can think of roughly got together given. “

He said the high turnout can be explained in one word: community.

“Motorists always come together when motorists need each other,” Monarch said. “Someone needed something from the coming car, and they all showed up. I mean, we are a small community. So every word of mouth comes out quickly.

Erman is blown away by the generosity of his community.

“Honestly, I had no idea that there would be so many people here as so many cars showing up and I had so many people who knew me and cared about me,” Erman said. “This city comes together, it takes care of itself. Love the outpouring, card support, people stopping at home. Steuben County is amazing, we are so lucky to live in this city.

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