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Last fall, ALM launched the Cannabis Insurance Coverage Specialist (CICS) designation for companies serving businesses that touch cannabis. The designation focuses on issues involving real estate, risk management, medical and health issues, workers’ compensation and employment, financial services, and legal issues.

The final course of designation is handling cannabis-related claims. Since cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, this creates a level of complexity for insurers who cover growers, processors and dispensaries, as well as for insurance claims that result.

The latest Insurance Speak podcast features a conversation with Chantal Roberts, an expert in claims management practices, standards and procedures, and subject matter expert and author of the Understanding and Managing Cannabis Insurance Claims module for the SCIC designation, which will be launched soon.

Roberts shares that when experts deal with a claim, “a claim is a claim is a claim.” However, one of the main differences for cannabis-related claims “is that it is an emerging market” and adjusters and insurers are still learning some of the intricacies and exclusions of the cover.

One of those differences is learning how marijuana can harm workers, drivers, and people who operate any type of machinery. “We’re used to dealing with alcohol impairment,” says Roberts, “but cannabis impaired driving and work are completely different because it can stay in your system for up to 20 days.” This means that an individual can test positive for marijuana without being intoxicated.

For more details on topics such as subrogation of marijuana claims, ethical issues, and the types of policies that can provide coverage for businesses that deal with cannabis, listen through the link above or subscribe to Insurance Speak we SpotifyApple Music, Google Play or Libsyne.

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