Chief Sarkar murdered for insurance money: Jury

Three years later, the verdict on the murder of Dominic Sarkar fell. (LinkedIn picture)
India West Staff Reporter

ALAMEDA, CA – On February 7, a jury found defendants Marvel Salvant and Maria Moore guilty of the first degree murder with special circumstances of Dominic Sarkar in a murder-for-hire conspiracy. Sarkar, 56, a well-known Bay Area chef was found dead in his bedroom at his Fremont, Calif., home in 2018.

The jury determined that Moore conspired with Salvant to murder Sarkar in order to collect $800,000 in life insurance benefits on his life. He said Salvant personally and intentionally discharged a firearm. Moore had told police that she had had a sexual relationship with Sarkar and was the beneficiary of the insurance policy.

At first, she was on the list of her domestic partner and her two daughters were on the list of possible beneficiaries. In 2016, a change of beneficiary was submitted, removing Sarkar’s daughters from the policy and naming Moore’s son as the eventual beneficiary. In 2017, Sarkar purchased an additional $300,000 insurance policy insuring her life with her daughters listed as the sole beneficiaries. Later, this policy was also changed by removing Sarkar’s daughters and naming Moore as the sole beneficiary.

Evidence showed that Moore wired Salvant $500 less than a month before the murder. Cellphone records showed text messages between the two before and immediately after the murder. Electronic evidence, including cellphone location data records, showed Salvant moving from his workplace to Fremont in the Sarkar neighborhood.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage from neighborhood cameras near Sarkar’s residence showed Salvant’s vehicle circling the area prior to the murder and eventually parking blocks from the victim’s residence. A man was then seen in the footage riding a bicycle towards the victim’s residence. Minutes after the murder, the same man was seen on video footage returning to the vehicle. Cell phone location data then showed Salvant leaving the area to return to his residence in the Sacramento area.

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