CHU appoints industry veteran as new Chief Claims Officer

Most recently, Gow was responsible for real estate claims at QBE. He is also a senior partner at the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), a licensed claims adjuster and active industry expert.

CHU CEO Kimberley Jonsson praised Gow for his knowledge of the insurance industry and proven track record of claims, which are ideal attributes to support the company’s customer focus and claims experience. .

“The Claims Manager plays a critical role between CHU operations and our clients to ensure that key client needs are met and, where possible, exceeded in the claims process in order to deliver on our promise,” added Jonsson.

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Despite two difficult years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CHU remained resilient and continued to offer solutions to its clients, even during other events such as the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck near the Victorian town of Rawson on September 22.

In a recent interview with Insurance Business, Jonsson discussed the difficult insurance market, the challenges the agency faced when the pandemic hit the country, its relationships with its brokerage partners, and what it is doing. did after the 5.9 magnitude earthquake.

Jonsson explained that COVID-19 lockdowns made it difficult to identify and correct construction defects after the earthquake, one of the major problems in the country, especially for new construction.

“Pandemic lockdowns have posed serious challenges in getting homeowners back on their feet when it comes to making a claim,” Jonsson said. “Blockages have also delayed normal claims repairs, often limiting activities to necessary securing work and postponing non-safety related repairs. “

As a result, the CHU has created a specific earthquake claim submission form to streamline the process of filing and triage of claims. It was designed to be completed by each affected Lot Owner, consolidated into the Strata Ownership Claim Submission, and then sent to all brokerage partners.

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