David Toborowsky’s weight loss journey in pictures

90 Day Fiancé cast member David Toborowsky decided to lose weight by making some positive lifestyle changes. Franchise fans love the dramatic results.

the 90 day fiance Star David Toborowsky is losing weight with his queen Annie Suwan, and fans are very proud of him. The Kentucky man made his reality TV debut in 90 day fiance season 5, with his Thai wife Annie, and has since appeared in numerous spin-offs. David and Annie had money problems when they thought about getting married. However, this week alone, David and Annie spent half a million dollars on a stunning home in Fountain Hills, Arizona. However, it’s not just financial success that David is celebrating, as he’s also thrilled with his weight loss.


Fans have seen David struggle with his body image and his physique has changed a lot over the past two years. He has been open about his drinking and overeating issues. Meanwhile, 90 day fiance Sweetheart Annie, who has dropped six sizes since she started her weight loss journey, is the best cheerleader David could ask for. However, a recent episode of their David & Annie: After the 90 days spin-off may have shown the exact moment David knew he had to take matters into his own hands.

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Lom, Annie’s aunt, was called David”slow,” “fat” and “unhealthywhen he attempted to climb Three Whales Mountain during his trip to Thailand. However, David apparently didn’t feel insulted by Annie’s aunt’s sighting and instead said visiting Thailand brought him back to a positive place. He sees himself returning to Thailand with Annie in the future. So when he returned to America after waking up, David started walking and made it a routine, and also switched to a low carb diet.

90 Day Fiancé fans meet David Toborowsky

David Toborowsky Weight Loss Annie Before After Instagram In 90 Day Fiance 2

A father of three and grandfather of five, David was 48 when fans first met him on 90 day fiance season 5. David was living in Thailand, where he met Annie, and revealed that up until three years ago he weighed 350 pounds. He had been divorced from his wife for 21 years, had lost his job, his house and his cars, and was completely destitute. All the stress may have contributed to David’s stroke. He was in a situation he wouldn’t have wished on his worst enemy. However, David pressed the restart button on his life and lost all the extra weight so he could move to Thailand and have fun. Annie, 24, has rejuvenated David.

David’s weight gain is noticeable

David Toborowsky Weight Loss Annie Before After Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

All the weight David had lost made a comeback when he returned to America with Annie. Fans wondered if it was because David was much more prone to walking everywhere when he was in Thailand. On the other hand, he led a fairly sedentary and comfortable life in America. Some suspected that David’s initial weight loss was due to surgery or a crash diet. He took all the weight back. As David and Annie started appearing on more 90 day fiance spin-offs, David’s weight gain became apparent to fans. Recently, David admitted that since he was not gaining weight quickly, it would take him some time to lose it.

David drops 10 trouser sizes

David Toborowsky Weight Loss Annie Instagram in 90 Day Fiance

His wife Annie loves showing glimpses of David and his sweet life on Instagram for their hundreds of thousands of followers. One such post on Annie’s Instagram page, from December, featured David showing off his weight loss progress while clutching a pair of jeans that were a few years old. David then explained that they were very tight when he wore them. He held them close to him to show how tall they looked next to his slimmer body. David now prefers to eat turkey bacon with low-fat cheese, rather than breakfast sandwiches with sausage or bacon. He also drank lots of water and replaced salads and wraps with heavier meals. 90 day fiance fans love to see former history teacher David thrive as a reality TV star. As he continues to lie on his bed to Pillow talkhe spends time in the gym and shows great results.

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