Dozens of trees downed in northeast Florida during Ian’s flood

News4JAX viewers shared numerous photos of downed trees in northeast Florida on Thursday as Ian drove through the state.

Some landed on power lines and others on houses.

A massive tree went through the roof of a house in the Girvin neighborhood – into the kitchen.

A tree strikes at the house in the district of Girvin

“It was a thud, and the whole tree fell down,” said resident Douglas McIntosh. “We didn’t expect something like this, and it happened. Bang.”

The owner says he’s grateful it didn’t land on him or his son.

Take a look at these photos sent in by viewer David Posey in the Arlington/Fort Caroline area.

Fort Caroline

Trees also fell on the streets and blocked traffic for some time.

It was the scene at SnapJAX viewer Laura Ratzlaff’s home in Doctors Lake, where along the waterline are extremely old and beautiful trees, weighing hundreds of pounds.

House at Doctors Lake.

And look at the overturned tree from a different angle and you can see how close the tree came to falling on that person’s house. Laura said she was extremely grateful and blessed that the tree did not fall on her bedroom, which is at the back of her house, right next to the tree.

House at Doctors Lake.

This image came to us from downtown Jacksonville, captured by videographer Ciarra Earney. Believe it or not, there is a vehicle under the fallen tree, which happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is undoubtedly an insurance claim that the car owner now has to deal with.

The tree lands on the car.

JEA and other major utilities are also working to restore power to thousands of homes for this very reason. This tree fell on the Atlantic Boulevard power lines. This happened near University Boulevard and resulted in the closure of all westbound lanes and temporary power outages for nearby families.

The tree lands on the power lines.

And look what that tree did when it uprooted itself on the south side of Barnes Road. SnapJAX user Dre took this photo. Notice that all the grass was also pulled out of the ground when the tree fell.

Uprooted tree on Southside.

There will undoubtedly be a lot of cleaning in this area tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

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