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Sir: One of the main factors militating against the progress of Nigeria as a nation is none other than the existence of two separate laws within the Nigerian Nation-State.

Although in theory the country has a single constitution ostensibly governing every citizen, it is however an open secret that there are different laws for different people and the one applied for each individual depends on their social status in society. How then can a nation progress in the face of shameless injustices perpetrated through the ages?

Nigeria started enforcing two different laws as soon as there was a change of power after independence and the baton was handed over to politicians. The first problem that arose was that of ethnicity and the mad race to dominate the center. From there, those who had a full grip on the center became the lords of the land taking the form of gods – cannot do harm, choosing who should hold the courts and also deciding which laws to obey and which ones to obey. to flee.

The production of various repressive decrees, however, was only the tip of the iceberg of the disaster caused to the nation by the military. Their arrogance and total refusal to submit to civil rule is the biggest havoc and one of the main reasons for the existence of two different laws in the country. It is difficult to find vehicles belonging to soldiers with up-to-date documents and no law enforcement agent dares stop them to demand their contact details.

All traffic cops, whether LASTMA, VIO or Federal Road Safety Corps know their limits and do not endlessly harass helpless motorists as they turn the other cheek when the military is involved. The lost amount of income generated within the nation due to the uncooperative attitude of the men of the force amounts to great financial loss and a disservice to the entire nation.

Traffic officers themselves are known to enforce two laws in their dealings with members of the public while innocent private motorists are often the target of constant harassment, commercial vehicle operators move freely with vehicles totally rickety with no up-to-date details. In Nigeria, a man caught stealing a thousand naira may be sentenced to ten years in prison while those convicted of embezzling billions of naira are given a soft landing and allowed to return home. them to take advantage of their booty.

The war that every Nigerian must therefore undertake to wage is that of the abolition of the doctrine of the two laws in force in Nigeria. Either way, everyone must be obligated to obey the law of the nation and whatever applies to one must apply to all.

Jide Oyewusi, Ethics Watch International coordinator, wrote from Lagos.

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