Financial outlook for the next offseason


After suffering a heavy loss in Game 5 of the NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the SF Giants are now looking to the offseason. With a handful of contracts coming out of the back, they’ll have plenty of cash on hand to re-equip the roster.

The front office has, in essence, hit the blank list they were apparently looking for when Farhan Zaidi took over as chairman of baseball operations in November 2018. Evan longoria, Brandon crawford, Tommy La Stella, and Jake McGee are the only players under contract for next season.

Of course, they hold team control for a number of other players including Logan webb, Mike Yastrzemski, and Darin Ruf. There is no doubt that they will return next season as well. On top of that, the Giants hold squad options for a handful of players, including Buster posey ($ 22 million), Johnny Cueto ($ 22 million), Wilmer Flores ($ 3.5 million) and Jose lvarez ($ 1.5 million).

According to Spotrac, the Giants have about $ 138.5 million set aside for next year’s roster. This figure assumes that each player’s team option is exercised and that each player eligible for arbitration is offered a contract. Unfortunately, this assumption will not play this offseason.

For example, the Giants have a team option on Cueto for $ 22 million which they will almost certainly buy back for $ 5 million instead. On top of that, they probably won’t bid Alex Dickerson (projected salary of $ 3.1 million) and Curt Casali (projected salary of $ 3.0 million) in favor of better market value.

John Brebbia is also eligible for arbitration. He hasn’t had a solid season, recording a 5.89 ERA in 18.1 innings with the Giants. He returned from Tommy John surgery in June so some difficulty was to be expected. But, he did well to control the strike zone as he recorded 22 strikeouts against just four walks.

The right-handed pitcher has a projected umpiring tag of $ 1.6 million, which is way too much considering his performance. That said, the Giants might not bid him and bring him back with a lower guaranteed salary. Suppose he comes back with a one-year contract for $ 1 million.

If the Giants make these four moves, then they’ll free up an additional $ 23.7 million, bringing the expected payroll to $ 114.8 million. The 2021 Competitive Balance Tax (CBT) or soft salary cap was set at $ 210 million, so the Giants would have around $ 95 million of CBT space available to spend. The CBT is expected to see a modest increase with the new collective agreement (CBA).

We won’t know that specific number until a new CBA is established, but the current CBA is expected to expire on December 1. the regular season. They are likely to be more aggressive than most free agency teams.

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