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Guam government employees and retirees will pay an additional $ 60 to $ 300 per month if they choose to be insured with Calvo’s SelectCare.

The Administration Ministry on Sunday released rates for its group health insurance program for the next fiscal year, including the cost difference between the two providers doing business with GovGuam in 2022.

A high deductible plan, known as HSA2000, will cost as little as $ 4.08 per month for a single active employee who chooses to be insured with TakeCare, the cheapest offer the government receives. In comparison, the same single-employee plan provided through Calvo’s SelectCare costs $ 64.54.

Due to a recent change in local law, the government of Guam was allowed to award its group health insurance contract to multiple insurers, but demanded that any additional costs of a more expensive plan be passed on to the subscribers who choose it.

This tariff structure was adopted as a compromise, following criticism and dissatisfaction expressed by active workers and retirees who were forced to switch insurance providers to Aetna International in 2020. The government awarded this contract to Aetna as a sole source, as now required by a defunct law that sought to reduce the overall cost of the contract.

For the coming year, the difference between TakeCare and SelectCare is greater for GovGuam retirees.

A retiree who covers a spouse on a higher coverage plan, nicknamed PPO1500, will be billed $ 193.90 bi-monthly under TakeCare, compared to the $ 302.33 that would be deducted for a SelectCare subscriber.

“Group health insurance contracts are tendered and insurers are given claims data so their insurers can set premium rates to include in their offers,” the DOA said in a statement. . “The health insurance negotiating team has obtained a reduction in the rates initially proposed and the average increase in premiums for fiscal year 2022 compared to fiscal year 2021 is 14% based on claims expenses paid for fiscal year 2021. “

When contacted to comment on the reasons for the rising costs, Frank Campillo, administrator of the SelectCare plan, told the Guam Daily Post that the company was awaiting clearances from GovGuam “in order to provide more complete information on our offerings.” .

Campillo was able to share that the upcoming plan includes “most clinics” in Guam and the island’s two civilian hospitals. More than 1.1 million individual providers can be viewed by those who choose SelectCare, including medical services in Hawaii, the Philippines, Taiwan and other Asian countries, he said.

“A great testament to our services and benefits is the fact that most healthcare providers in Guam are insured with Calvo’s SelectCare. We look forward to providing additional details on our benefits and services soon, as we finalize the logistics. registration with GovGuam, ”Campillo said. the post office.

Open registration, where subscribers will choose between the two provider options, will run from September 1 to 25. Since GovGuam’s current insurer, Aetna, is not offering coverage next year, all subscribers will need to enroll either online, through an open enrollment presentation, or with their respective HR departments.

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