Human intervention still relevant for buying temporary health insurance: survey

NEW DELHI: Health and term insurance providers are turning to technology to sell their products and provide seamless customer service. But policy buyers appear to be taking the time to embrace the promise of new-age technologies to eliminate human intervention and invasion of privacy, according to Health & Term Technology Survey 2022.

And that human touch remains crucial.

The Indian insurance industry has always been driven by a physical touch where agents have played an imperative role in marketing different insurance companies and their plans. Even with widespread digitization in the industry, policyholders prefer to do business with an agent at different stages of the insurance product, according to a latest survey conducted by, an online insurance aggregator. The study found that the majority of respondents want human assistance at various stages of insurance transactions, including purchasing, filing claims, among others.

Naval Goel, Founder and CEO of, said, “Insurance…has always been a push product where agents or advisors have been instrumental in bridging the gap between insurance companies and customers. . Therefore, the human touch will be essential from the perspective of customers as it is an important product for them. This human intervention is required by them to ensure that they invest in the right product plan and convenience in the next process.”

Survey respondents included existing health insurance customers and term insurance customers, with 1,176 responses received.

Take a closer look at the survey results:

Buy insurance: The majority of respondents (65.5%) expressed discomfort with purchasing health/term insurance through a website or mobile app without dealing with an agent or representative. Where 29.1% of respondents seemed completely comfortable purchasing insurance through a website or mobile app.

Filing of complaints: The largest portion of respondents said they would not be comfortable filing a health or term insurance claim on an agentless website or mobile app. Nearly 67.3% of participants declined to go without a representative, 21.8% of participants agreed to support the full digital transaction, and 10.9% of people seemed confused by their choice, according to the survey.

As insurance companies explore new techniques and technologies to deliver a seamless claims experience for customers, policyholders are wary of claims review via artificial intelligence (AI) from start to finish. About 72.7% of respondents said they would not be comfortable if a health/term insurance claim was fully reviewed by AI instead of an agent, while 23.6% said they would be comfortable if a health/term insurance claim was reviewed without any human interference. .

Privacy issues regarding discounts: Insurance companies have also explored a method of compromise to push the public to become more receptive to the new technologies they incorporate. Insurance companies ask for personal information or a tracking system in exchange for certain discounts or coupons.

Survey participants are willing to consider whether the insurance company asks to share their eating habits and healthy practices to track data via a website or mobile app in exchange for premium discounts. No less than 36.4% of respondents said that everything was fine, while 49.1% denied such follow-up and 14.5% seemed indifferent.

Customer opinions on health monitoring gadgets, such as fitness bracelets, etc., which collect health-related data and help assess habits, were also sought. About 21.8% of respondents said they were comfortable connecting their smartwatch to an insurance website or app to collect their personal data if they were promised a lower health insurance premium for the following year, while 58.2% of respondents expressed concern about the sharing of this data. About 20% said their choice will depend on the affordability of the premium, according to the survey.

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