Hundreds of claims made for damaged cars and homes following Jan. 6 storms in Portland | The standard

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The cost of repairs following devastating storms in Portland earlier this month could run into the millions. Nearly 100 calls were made to the Portland State Emergency Department for help on Jan. 6 following flash flooding and hailstorms. Craig Byfield, executive director of major event claims at Insurance Australia Group, said 661 claims had been made to IAG following the weather event. Of the 661 claims made to IAG, 370 were for motor vehicles and 291 for damage to private and commercial property. “The majority of claims relate to hail damage to cars,” Mr Byfield said. “We have our specialist hail repair centers ready to assess any damage and begin repairs to get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible”, “At this point our property and commercial claims appear to have been caused by hail damaging roofs or blocking gutters and drains, which then caused water to enter through roofs, damaging ceilings and some contents inside Suncorp, which operates several insurance companies, said Portland had been hardest hit by damaging winds, hail and heavy rain across Victoria. “The majority of our claims are for damaged homes and vehicles,” he said. “We are focused on supporting our customers as we assess the damage and begin the recovery process.” He said the severe thunderstorms brought damaging winds, hail and heavy rain in large parts of Victoria, New South Wales and Canberra. The insurance companies did not disclose the amount of the claims payment. Mr Byfield said IAG builders were in the area to ensure their clients’ properties were safe. “Our claims and assessments teams assist our customers and can arrange additional assistance such as temporary accommodation if needed,” he said. Mr Byfield said being in the middle of storm season was a critical time for people to ensure their property was well prepared for the weather. “Practical measures such as securing loose objects in the garden – such as outdoor furniture and trampolines – and safely clearing gutters to prevent water from overflowing into the roof of your home, can make a big difference when a storm hits,” he said. Now just one tap away with our new app: Digital subscribers now have the ability to get news faster, at their fingertips with The Standard: our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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