judge rejects attempt by NFL, Rams and Kroenke to move relocation trial to St. Louis | Law and order


ST. LOUIS – If the case goes to trial next year, the relocation lawsuit against the National Football League, the Rams and club owner Stan Kroenke will take place in St. Louis.

After a closed-door hearing on Tuesday in which NFL attorneys Rams and Kroenke sought to move the closely watched trial elsewhere, circuit judge Christopher McGraugh reopened his courtroom to the public and dismissed the request .

The judge asked why the defendants in the 2017 trial over the football team’s departure to Los Angeles waited months before the January 2022 trial date to request a change of venue. He said they had failed to prove the prejudices against them and that most of the news articles presented as examples of extensive and unfair pre-trial publicity were years ago and were mostly articles. opinions that were not necessarily based on facts.

“What you are asking me is to assume that the jurors have an interest that I don’t know they have,” McGraugh told Robert Haar, the defendants’ attorney. The judge added that the purpose of jury selection is to eliminate people with obvious biases.

Haar argued that no juror in St. Louis could be impartial because they would all have a stake in the outcome. The plaintiffs represent St. Louis and the County of St. Louis, and will say they deserve damages for the loss of civic pride, jobs and economic development that the Rams’ exit has brought to the region.

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