Kim Komando: technical cleaning to be managed before February | Economic news

It’s a new year, and we’re busy setting goals and making resolutions. One of mine is to spend at least an hour outside every day.

Of course, I still have work to do, and a lot of that is done over email. I started 2022 by cleaning up my inbox.

I also spent time in my phone’s photo gallery deleting blurry images, screenshots, and duplicates. It takes time, but there are downloads to help you.

Let’s review a few ways to boost your security, increase your productivity, and tidy up your digital life.

Inventory your valuables

Having a home inventory list is a lifesaver in the event of a disaster or break-in. The last thing you want to do at a time like this is scramble to find receipts or rack your brains over preparing an insurance claim.

You had to walk around the house with a notebook to list your possessions back then. Now the right app can make the job a whole lot easier. A solid option is Circle.

Be sure to catalog your electronics, furniture, jewelry, appliances, heirlooms, clothing, home decor, luggage, tools, instructions, artwork, and any collectibles. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you can always consult your home or rental insurance company for recommendations.

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