Leadway Assurance unveils its auto insurance policy


Leadway Assurance Company Limited, unveiled a process that enables customers to obtain the company’s full auto insurance policy in a short period of time.

The company said that with the new solution, a customer could complete the process of purchasing the company’s full auto insurance policy in two minutes.

Speaking about the new solution, Umashime Oguzor-Doghro, General Retail Insurance Manager, Leadway, said, “This solution provides vehicle owners with a quick end-to-end process to purchase comprehensive auto insurance. , all in 120 seconds.

“The new platform offers risk refund guarantees while meeting the country’s legal requirements for vehicle insurance and vehicle owners.”

Oguzor-Doghro noted that the unveiling of the disruptive process not only aligns with the brand’s continued drive to deepen insurance penetration in Nigeria, but also provides customers with convenient access to a critical mitigation tool. risks.

“This strategic solution provides a win-win solution for critical stakeholders in the insurance space – the public, the insurance industry and the country as a whole,” she said.

According to her, the service is convenient for vehicle owners, leads to increased adoption of insurance products and encourages compliance with the legal requirement of auto insurance as mandatory in the country.

Also speaking, Adeyinka Aderombi, Head of Digital Transformation at Leadway Assurance, said that by understanding the criticality, the limited availability of time and its impact on the quality of our well-being, especially in the modern world and Fast-paced today, it has become imperative for service providers to incorporate time-saving tools that contribute convenience, speed and ease as a unique selling proposition into product offerings and Services.

He added that at Leadway Insurance, management believes not only in providing clients with innovative solutions to risks, but also in removing any possible obstacles that could disrupt the ease of access for clients.

He said that Leadway Comprehensive Auto Insurance provides the policyholder with an affordable premium, the most comprehensive coverage against fire, theft, third party property and vehicle damage to the insured vehicle, as well as than coverage against bodily injury and even death.

According to him, the additional benefits include up to N 1,000,000 of cover for accidental damage to the insured vehicle or property, a limit of N 1,000,000 for total or permanent disability of the insured and a limit of 100 000 N in the event of hospitalization. or serious injury.

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