Massive claims expected from Felicity Ace fire

The fire of 6,400 ceu
Felicity As off the Portuguese islands of the Azores is finally easing.

The Panamanian-flagged ship caught fire last Wednesday as he traveled from Emden, Germany to Rhode Island, USA.

Two large tugs with firefighting equipment arrived on scene yesterday and are spraying water on the vessel with the patrol boat with the initial rescue team already on site to cool the vessel’s heat.

An additional lifeboat with firefighting equipment is expected to arrive from Rotterdam on Saturday.

“The fire has died down in the last few hours,” João Mendes Cabeças, captain of the nearest port to the Azorean island of Faial, told Lusa news agency last night, saying there were probably few left. fuel to burn.

British risk consultancy Russell Group said the ship has 3,965 cars on board, including brands such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini.

The total dollar value of the goods on the ship is estimated at $438 million, according to Russell.

Cargo claims specialist WK Webster suggested the fire spread the full length of the vessel and it appears anything above the waterline was burned, although vehicles stowed below the waterline will likely also be affected by burning debris from upper decks and fire-fighting water.

The vessel, which went to the Britannia P&I Club for insurance earlier this year, is believed to be stable about 90 nautical miles south of Horta in the Azores, but has developed a slight list.

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