Neptune Flood Marks a Milestone

Flood insurance company Neptune Flood has exceeded 100,000 policies, the company said. Neptune Flood passed the milestone on February 4.

“Neptune has been focused on building the best flood insurance company since launching in 2018,” said Trevor Burgess, CEO of Neptune Flood. “Thank you to our customers and agents for helping us reach 100,000 policies. We offer a first-class line of insurance products for home and business owners. Thanks to our exceptional team, our Triton AI platform has made quoting and underwriting an insurance policy faster and easier than ever.

Neptune launched a unique residential flood insurance offering in 2018. The company now operates in 48 states and Washington, DC, and offers residential, commercial, and condominium flood insurance products. In October, Neptune acquired Jumpstart Insurance Solutions, adding parametric earthquake coverage to its portfolio.

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“As Neptune continues to grow, we are taking advantage of feedback from our agent network for new products and services that we can offer,” said Jean-Luc Eckstein, Chief Client Officer at Neptune Flood. “We are constantly updating our product line, such as increasing our coverage to $4 million in 2020, expanding to commercial and condominium products in 2021, and this month we are adding earthquake Parametric Jumpstart optional in California, Washington and Oregon. Our platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and our agent network, and we can’t thank them enough for trusting Neptune.

Neptune offers higher coverage limits than the National Flood Insurance Program and five optional coverages. The company’s private flood insurance policy meets bank-mandated acceptance criteria, which means banks must accept Neptune as an NFIP alternative when flood insurance is required.

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