Reality TV star Tim Norman convicted of murder conspiracy

A Mississippi man and former reality TV star has been convicted of murder-for-hire by federal jurors in Missouri.

James Timothy “Tim” Norman43, was convicted of murder-for-hire, conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in the shooting death in March 2016 from his 21-year-old nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. in Saint Louis.

During the trial, prosecutors showed that Norman took out a $450,000 life insurance policy for his nephew, then arranged “through intermediaries” for the murder of the young man in order to reaping the benefits with Montgomery’s death, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri said in a news release Friday.

Both Norman and Montgomery appeared on the reality show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, a show about soul food restaurants in the St. Louis area founded in 1996 by Robbie Montgomery, Norman’s mother, a former soul singer. The show was produced and aired on Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN network for nine seasons.

Prior to Norman’s trial, three co-defendants entered into plea agreements.

Anthony Hill Travel, 31, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and one count of murder-for-hire. The first co-defendant admitted to meeting a common acquaintance shared with Norman who told Hill that Norman wanted his nephew dead.

“The day Montgomery died, Hill and Norman met in St. Louis and Norman told Hill that a woman would call with Montgomery’s location,” the USAO press release explained. “After receiving a call from the woman, Terica Ellis, Hill shot Montgomery with a .380 caliber handgun at 8:02 p.m., then got rid of the gun and his phone. He was then paid $5,000.

Hill pleaded guilty in June this year. Ellis and a third co-conspirator reached their plea deals in late July.

The press release details Ellis’ role in Montgomery’s death:

Ellis, an exotic dancer from Memphis, Tennessee, admitted to finding Montgomery twice for Norman before the murder and first giving Montgomery’s whereabouts to Norman and then to Hill, using “burn-in” prepaid phones that Ellis and Norman had bought together. Ellis admitted knowing that Norman was upset and frustrated by her inability to locate Montgomery and knowing that Norman was going to take some form of action, but she did not know that Montgomery would be shot. Norman paid her $10,000 to find her nephew and told her to get rid of her cell phone after the murder.

The final co-defendant in the case was an insurance agent who admitted helping Norman fraudulently obtain a life insurance policy for his nephew. In sum, five separate claims were filed that misrepresented Montgomery’s income, net worth, medical history, employment and family history.

After a nearly two-week trial and three days of jury deliberation, Norman was found guilty.

“I would like to thank the prosecution team who worked with an overwhelming amount of evidence to obtain this guilty verdict, as well as the cooperation and diligence of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI,” said the US Attorney. Sayler Fleming said.

Sentencing of the accused is currently scheduled for December 15, 2022.

A copy of a replacement indictment filed in the case is below:

[image via Madison County, Mississippi Detention Center]

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