Rising home insurance rates worry Louisianans

KENNER, La. (WVUE) – The scars of Hurricane Ida are still visible across southeast Louisiana eight months after making landfall.

For Amy Sherer, her husband and two children, this was one of the most difficult times of their lives.

“It was hell. When all is truly said and done,” Sherer said. “We had $230,000 for my whole house. It was all a total loss.

Sherer said her Kenner home was left without a roof after last year’s hurricane passed through the neighborhood. What was left inside the house suffered extensive water damage, forcing the family to live in their garage and a trailer.

With the help of her husband and a loan from the SBA, she was able to make whatever repairs she could, but she’s worried about what will happen to her insurance premiums after her plan renews. This year.

“I haven’t seen anything or heard of going up. I don’t know because I’m in the process with a lawyer,” she said.

She is suing two of her insurance companies after saying they don’t want to replace her roof, among other repairs and reimbursements. Neighbors around her and southeastern Louisianans have either been dropped from their plans altogether or are seeing their monthly bills double.

“It made me remember why I got into insurance,” said Seyli Molina, Kenner resident and retired insurance agent.

Molina says she’s been trying to help people navigate the confusion that comes after a hurricane while dealing with repairs to her home.

“(It’s) the damage limit policy. I would say over $140,000. It has been a negotiation, a constant conversation, providing documentation,” Molina said.

With a few checks to come, Molina is trying to rebuild in a way that lowers her long-term premiums, such as using fire-resistant materials, and is urging local governments to make significant changes to building codes.

With another active hurricane season ahead, homeowners hope they won’t have to worry about even higher premiums and repairs if another storm hits.

“I don’t want to walk away, but I will walk away if this continues,” Sherer said.

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