Some life changes may mean you can buy health cover now or any time of the year through MNsure.

Life can be busy. That’s why it’s good to have MNsurethe Minnesota Health Insurance Marketplace, to help Minnesotans like you sort through your health insurance options and save money, all in one place.

If you are already registered for private health insurance through MNsure, great! Just be aware that it’s important to keep your MNsure account up to date and let MNsure know if any of your household information changes, such as your family size, moving to a new address, or changes in your income. That way, you can be sure you’re getting the right health coverage – and the right amount of financial assistance – to fit your life.

Keeping MNsure up to date with your information will also pay off when it comes time to renew your health coverage. Reporting changes to MNsure as soon as they happen helps ensure that your health plan renewal goes smoothly and that you receive important mail from MNsure when you need it.

Need health insurance now? You may be eligible

Need health coverage right now? Some life changes may mean you can buy health cover now or any time of the year through MNsure.

Need health insurance now? See if you qualify with MNsure.

Whether you have a planned life change, such as the birth or adoption of a child, or an unexpected change, such as the sudden loss of a job or a family member, it is important that you and the members of your family have health coverage that meets your needs. Most Minnesotans who obtain their health insurance through MNsure are eligible for savings that reduce the monthly cost.

You can find a full list of life event changes that could qualify you for coverage on the MNsure website.

If you experience a change in your life that could make you eligible for health coverage, contact MNsure immediately so you don’t lose your chance to enroll. Generally, you have 60 days to act from the date of the life change (for example, the date of birth of a child). If you miss this chance, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period in the fall to get health coverage.

Low-cost or free coverage is available through Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare for those who qualify. Enrollment in these programs is open year-round and provides comprehensive coverage. Members of a federally recognized association native american tribe can also enroll at any time of the year.

Get free help

If you have questions or don’t know where to start, MNsure has a nationwide network of expert assistants which can help Minnesotans apply and register for free. You can also call MNsure Where get help online.

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