Tesla Car Insurance – New guide explores coverage options for New Zealanders

Banked has released a comprehensive new guide to insuring a Tesla in New Zealand. The new resource helps Kiwis better understand their insurance options for the range of vehicles, including the popular Model 3.

The number of Teslas on New Zealand roads has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks in part to the government’s Clean Car Discount scheme. But until fairly recently, consumers had no choice when it came to insurance, with many Tesla owners reporting that insurers were reluctant to offer coverage.

Research from Banked suggests that has changed and most insurers can now provide a quote, leaving Tesla owners with a competitive selection. The personal finance news and offers website contacted 12 New Zealand suppliers for prices to insure a Tesla Model 3 and found that only two were unable to provide a quote.

Prices differed by up to 60% between insurers, underscoring the importance of obtaining quotes from a range of companies when purchasing auto coverage. The research also compares each policy’s key benefits, such as new-vehicle replacement coverage and no-excess glass claims — a significant benefit for Teslas with glass roofs or a panoramic sunroof.

Banked’s guide also assesses
InsureMyTesla — the only car insurance policy tailored specifically to the Tesla range. Diving into the benefits of the policy underwritten by Vero, the resource examines how more general auto insurance policies weigh in comparison and whether Tesla owners get greater overall value with more personalized coverage.

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