The postal life insurance subscriber can now obtain a police deposit on digilocker, use it for the settlement of claims at maturity


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New Delhi: The Post Office Department in collaboration with Digilocker introduced a digital version of the Postal Life Insurance Policy Obligations. These are also known as the “ePLI obligation”. These ePLI obligations would allow policyholders to download a digital copy of their policy from Digilocker.

The Post Office said in a statement: “By logging in securely to the Digilocker, the user can download the digital copy of the insurance policy to their mobile phone. Both Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) policies are available in “electronic form”.

It should be mentioned here that these ePLI Police Obligations, which are digitally signed, are valid proof in accordance with Rule 9A of Information Technology Rules (Preservation and Retention of Information by Intermediaries Providing Locker Facilities digital), 2016 notified on February 8, 2017, see GSR 711 (E).

It will be treated the same as the initial bond issued by the Post Office for processing all types of financial and non-financial claims related to the PLI / RPLI, the postal service said.

Old and new policies can be downloaded

If you purchased postal and rural life insurance policies earlier, you can also download them from Digilocker using this feature. These policies can be downloaded immediately after the issuance of the policy bonds by the DoP. Thus, policyholders no longer need to wait for the physical delivery of guarantees.

Maturity settlement can be effected using ePLI policy bonds

The digital copy of the police bond will be treated as a valid police document by the postal service and can be submitted to the post office from the Digilocker mobile app for payment at maturity.

For any change or correction of personal data such as address, appointment, the policyholder can use the ePLI Bond as proof, without having to carry the physical copy.

“Secure server authentication, embedded digital signature and encrypted QR code are some of the unique mechanisms developed by the Postal Department to bring the much needed digital transformation in the Indian Postal Insurance industry. This will not only reduce administrative costs, but will also allow secure verification of documents in real time, ”the postal service statement said.

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