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A strong travel insurance policy can protect your travel investment in several important ways. For example, if you need to cancel your trip or if your trip is delayed or interrupted, you can get the money you prepaid back in the form of non-refundable deposits.

To make a trip cancellation request, you must have a reason covered by your policy, such as illness or injury, family emergency, extreme weather conditions, military deployment, jury duty, job loss or terrorism at home or at your destination. .

Other important benefits of a comprehensive travel insurance policy include coverage for:

  • Medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation
  • Travel delays
  • Travel interruptions, such as issues that require you to get home early
  • Luggage that never arrives

So what are the most common travel insurance claims?

“In general, travel insurance programs offer a number of benefits and services designed to help you obtain assistance and cover expenses related to prepaid or additional travel expenses, unforeseen medical events and expenses. loss of personal belongings, ”said Beth Godlin, spokesperson for Aon. Practice of affinity trips.

The main reasons for complaints are related to trip cancellation. “More than half of the claims filed fall into this category,” says Godlin.

She says the main reasons why applications are filed have remained fairly consistent over the years, although 2020 has certainly not been a typical year. According to Godlin, the claims data shows that the main claims relate to:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical expenses in the event of urgent illness and injury
  • Reimbursement of certain travel expenses in the event of interruption of a trip
  • Reimbursement of certain expenses if a trip is delayed

Here’s how to deal with some common travel issues.

Get started with your company’s 24/7 hotline

An exceptional resource that is built into your travel insurance policy is the insurer’s toll-free customer service phone number which is available 24/7 to address both general concerns and support. emergency. If you have a language barrier issue or lose your passport, or need a referral to a doctor for shooting pain in your back, the emergency assistance hotline can help.

LaShanta Sullivan, Head of Travel Assistance at Allianz Partners USA, reports that in 2020, Allianz Partners USA answered more than 20,000 calls and handled 2,100 medical assistance cases. More than 200 medical transports have been organized for seriously injured clients, and they have helped 96 cases of Covid-19. So far in 2021, Allianz has answered 12,000 calls and handled 1,935 medical cases. Of these, 1,177 were medical, 95 were cases of Covid).

Manage medical issues

Sullivan says the top reasons Allianz Travel customers file medical claims include Covid-19, broken bones / sprains, heart attacks, strokes, and gastroenteritis (stomach flu).

“Other common reasons for submitting a travel insurance claim include critical illness of a child or travel companion or of the insured traveler themselves,” she says.

For medical cases, the Allianz team asks reception questions (where the client is, what happened, if he received treatment and was admitted to a facility, etc.) and, if necessary, refer to local medical providers.

“Allianz has a team, a talented medical team of nurses and physicians who make sure clients are in an appropriate facility receiving the appropriate care, and with a background in aeromedical and travel medicine, can identify and arrange transportation. of an ill or injured client at home in an emergency medical transportation is recommended, ”says Sullivan.

Finding a medical facility, arranging transportation, and securing payment for treatment are all things a travel insurance policy and travel assistance can do, Sullivan says. “Medical evacuation and transportation costs vary from $ 15,000 to over $ 200,000 depending on your state of health and your geographic location in the world,” she observes. Due to the cost and complexity of navigating the medical systems of other countries, travel insurance benefits can save lives.

How to make a successful travel insurance claim

To avoid delays in processing claims, carefully complete the entire claim form and provide all required documents when submitting. Travel insurance companies will generally accept claims online, through a mobile app if available, or by mail.

“The main reason travel insurance claims are delayed is a lack of required documentation,” says Sullivan at Allianz. “Make sure you understand the required documents and contact your insurer if you have any questions. “

Common reasons insurance claims are denied include submitting a claim that is not covered by the policy or failing to comply with the terms and conditions of the policy, she says.

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