Weekly Unemployment Claims Drop 20% in NC After Federal Programs Expire | Local


U.S. Labor has listed North Carolina with 124,002 PEUC recipients as of August 28, along with 93 initial PUA requests as of September 4 and 49,518 continuing PUA requests as of August 28. The number of initial PUA applications is down from 1,603 in August. 28.

As of Sept. 7, North Carolina had received $ 13.27 billion, with state regular benefits of $ 2.03 billion, while federal and state extended benefits stood at $ 11.24 billion. dollars.

By far the most important factor in unemployment insurance benefit payments is the $ 7.31 billion Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Program (FPUC). That’s about 55%. 100% of all UI benefit payments.

Also as of September 7, 1.54 million individual claims had been filed in North Carolina, with the DES determining that just over one million claimants were eligible for state or government unemployment insurance benefits. federal.

Federal guidelines require a separate application for each unemployment program. Overall, there had been 3.83 million state and federal claims filed on Friday.


National unemployment insurance claims increased from 20,000 to 332,000 for the week ending September 11.

The 312,000 claims from the previous week represented the lowest number of weekly claims for the pandemic.

There were 12.11 million people nationwide with active demand as of August 28. About 2.81 million workers received state benefits and 9.3 million received federal benefits.

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