Wes Moore pays $21,000 water bill in Baltimore City

Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Wes Moore paid a $21,200 water bill to the city of Baltimore on Wednesday after a news outlet reported the bill was last paid. was in March of last year.

Moore’s campaign said Thursday that the candidate and his wife, Dawn Flythe Moore, were unaware of the bill and “paid the current balance out of an abundance of caution while they reviewed the accuracy of the charges.

“Voters should know the Moores paid the bill as soon as they found out,” said Brian Jones, a spokesman for Moore.

Baltimore Brew reported Wednesday that Moore owed tens of thousands of dollars in water and sewer bills and that the couple had not paid the bill for the past 18 months. The Moores made their final payment, $2,000, in March 2021.

Jones wouldn’t say if the Moores received a stop or delay notice. The city had a story send out incorrect bills and that residents don’t know how much they owe.

A city water audit Billing found that Baltimore had no process for collecting overdue bills, resulting in substantial financial loss to the city. Baltimore operates a total of 400,000 water meters in the city and in Baltimore County.

Moore, the Democratic nominee, will face Republican Dan Cox in the gubernatorial contest in November. A recent Washington Post-University of Maryland poll found Moore leading the race by a 2-to-1 margin, with the best-selling author and former nonprofit chief holding a 32-percentage-point advantage over the conservative delegate from Frederick, endorsed by Donald Trump. .

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