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New Rahmah Insurance Products from Allianz Malaysia

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In its Rahmah Insurance Initiative, Allianz Malaysia is launching three novel insurance products to improve its commitment to deliver comprehensive insurance solutions. The “Private Car Rahmah Package” and “Allianz Kasih4All,” Allianz Malaysia’s innovative life insurance product, demonstrate its commitment to provide affordable and accessible insurance solutions for Malaysians’ different requirements.

Rahmah Insurance Portfolio Expansion by Allianz Malaysia: A Closer Look

Allianz Malaysia is making progress in providing complete insurance options. With the launch of three new Rahmah Insurance Initiative products, the insurer currently has five products. These acquisitions follow the June success of PerlindunganKu Allianz4All and Allianz Motorcycle Plus. This development reinforces Allianz Malaysia’s commitment to provide a wide range of insurance choices to meet clients’ diverse requirements.

Game-Changing: Allianz Kasih4All

One of Allianz Malaysia most innovative insurance products is “Allianz Kasih4All”. As the first Rahmah life insurance product, it shows Allianz Malaysia’s commitment to holistically meeting life insurance needs.

Closer Look at Allianz Kasih4All

Annual Renewable Plan: Allianz Kasih4All is a flexible, annual renewable life insurance plan that covers you until 71.

Two affordable plans from Allianz Kasih4All are offered to a broad spectrum of people. Plans 1 and 2 start at RM35 and RM55 for 16-to-40-year-olds.

Allianz Malaysia Giving Lives Dignity

In keeping with Allianz Malaysia values, CEO Sean Wang enthusiastically emphasised “Allianz Kasih4All.” He said, “We firmly believe that every Malaysian, regardless of income level, deserves a dignified life and that they will leave a legacy for their loved ones.” This statement reiterates Allianz Malaysia’s commitment to make life insurance meaningful and accessible to everyone.

Private Car Rahmah Package: Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

The “Private Car Rahmah Package” provides comprehensive and TPFT coverage to fulfil car owners’ demands. This package extends Rahmah Insurance’s basic values by offering customers perks beyond ordinary coverage.

Important Private Car Rahmah Package Features

Personal Accident Relief: Policyholders get RM5,000 for accident-related death or disability.

Accident-related hospitalisation: Policyholders get RM50 each day for up to 60 days.

This one-time flood relief payment of RM3,000 provides crucial help to policyholders during flood situations.

The Allianz private automobile third-party, fire, and theft (TPFT) policyholders and comprehensive clients who fulfil certain conditions automatically get this complete package.

Allianz Malaysia Supporting Customers First

Allianz Malaysia CEO Sean Wang stressed the company’s dedication to providing strong insurance solutions and excellent client service. He stressed that comprehensive policyholders may trust Allianz Road Rangers for on-the-spot assistance and towing to reputed workshops. Allianz is known for its hassle-free and competent service.

The flood relief benefit shows Allianz Malaysia’s proactive attitude to policyholders’ different concerns.

A Consistent Will to Change

Allianz Malaysia stays committed to fulfilling Malaysians’ changing demands. The Rahmah Insurance Initiative’s development of its insurance portfolio shows the company’s dedication to provide accessible, comprehensive, and inexpensive insurance solutions customised to its clients’ needs. Allianz Malaysia reinforces its role as a trusted partner in protecting Malaysian families’ financial well-being by innovating and expanding its solutions.

New Rahmah Insurance Products from Allianz Malaysia
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